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Epsom Salt Bath Bombs

These ultra- moisturizing, muscle relaxing, all natural bath bombs have got your bath time covered. Whether you have been hitting the gym or need to indulge in some self-care; our Epsom Salt Bath Bombs bring you to a new blissful state of mind.


Lemon + Coconut

This sunshine infused bath bomb has refreshing Lemon + Sweet Coconut that will brighten your bath and day. Healing paradise comes to you in this bath bomb.

Lavender + Chamomile

This bomb contains calming Lavender + Chamomile to help keep skin soothed and your mood zen while Epsom salt granules detoxify and rest muscles back to relaxed.

Vanilla + Charcoal

Vanilla + Charcoal is bringing warmth and total sweetness to your bath. Epsom salt is mixed with activated charcoal to give you the ultimate skin detox.

Jasmine + Rose

Inhale the scent of fresh blooming Jasmine + Rose as your bath turns into a dreamy garden of botanicals. Feel as though you are in a spa escape.

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